One more step to launch your most effective corporate outreach and sponsorship strategy ever

Client Testimonials

"These tools will help you better understand your fundraising potential and help you take the necessary steps to starting being fearless!"

Natalie Jakob

Executive Director

"I closed two gifts this week! The first, a previously $1,500 corporate donor who came in a $7,500. Persistence was the name of the game with this one. The second a previously $1,500 corporate donor who came in at $10,000! Also, I'm less than 90 days in at my job, so I'm feeling pretty good over here!"​

Jenna Strait

Advancement Director​

"Getting sponsors for our walk coming up.... Using templates from Mallory... Asked a (corporate) sponsor to go up 2 levels and they said yes. Went from $500 last year to $2,500."​

Heather Hooper​

Executive Director​


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What You Get


    My trademark Power Partners Formula™ Asset Mapping guide for identifying Corporate Partners


    Templates, worksheets and videos to guide you step by step through corporate outreach, which has an 85% response rate


    Support for creating sponsorship packages that bring in 5-10x more money creating reliable revenue

  • Preparation tips for preparing for Corporate Donor Meetings that leave you feeling confident and prepared

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