28% of nonprofits raise up to 50% of their annual revenue via EOY asks

But, if you're behind on your fundraising goals, then you NEED end-of-year to go RIGHT.



Fearless Fundraising Strategic System

90min 1:1 Breakthrough Laser Coaching w/ Mallory 


This is for fundraisers who want to launch their end-of-year fundraising with confidence so they can sleep better at night knowing they're going to hit their fundraising goals?

Is this the RIGHT training for you?

  • You have gone to tons of fundraising trainings (you’ve maybe even hired a consultant or two) but nothing has changed your fundraising reality.
  • You put together some semblance of a fundraising plan but everything still feels stressful and uncertain.
  • It doesn't seem like any of your new strategies are actually working
  • It's always a mad dash to reach your fundraising targets by the end of each year.
  • You find yourself getting less and less confident in your fundraising abilities as the years go on, and now you're wondering if this role is even right for you! 

At this point, you really wish someone would partner with you to figure this all out so that your fundraising work can be strategic, reliable, and even fun!

Then THIS was made for YOU.

Don’t worry, I get it. 


I have been right where you are - frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with self-doubt about whether or not I could meet my year-end fundraising goals.


But the secrets I unlocked in my own process - the secrets that allowed me to grow my fundraising by 1000% in six months - are exactly the secrets I use with my clients to help impact leaders like YOU who are looking to fundraise confidently and successfully!



This training + 1:1 work with me will teach you how to fundraise strategically while using the power of your authentic self.

This means that you will be able to fundraise more, with less stress and overwhelm, so that you can focus on your mission and surpass your end-of-year fundraising goals!

Introducing The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System

This Game-Changing 3-Hour Self-Guided Workshop Will Help Nonprofit Leaders Like You To Fundraise Strategically and Effectively Without The Overwhelm and Stress!




Only in 2020 will this end-of-year offer be paired with a 90-min Private Breakthrough Laser Coaching Session! 

Here are just some of the things that I will be helping you with…

This program is going to change your relationship with money and fundraising immediately, and give you a completely new way to create fundraising strategy and plan that ACTUALLY works. If you apply these tools and frameworks right away, you should be bringing in money with less stress and overwhelm within 24 hours of implementation!

Here’s how….

Through 3 hours of self-guided training + 90min breakthrough laser coaching session with me, I will personally help you to understand and unlock your fundraising superpowers and what is holding you back from fundraising with confidence and ease.


AND I will give you my unique and proven analysis and strategic system for creating effective fundraising plans.


This includes....

  • A proven planning tool to help you select the best strategy for bringing in more reliable money NOW

  • Tools to increase effectiveness by aligning your organization's assets, skills and superpowers with your fundraising activities

  • Money and mindset breakthroughs through coaching and visualization techniques. <-- one the KEYS to Fearless Fundraising!

  • Planning and decision making frameworks that you’ve never seen before

  • Scheduling & segmenting strategies and tools to put into practice immediately

Can you believe this?


While 22% of nonprofits are closing (or planning to close) and countless others are downsizing, my clients are seeing powerful results on their coaching investment...

  • 90% of my clients are fundraising more now than they were before the pandemic 

  • 95% of them are retaining 100% of their staff at their full contract or salary

  • 100% of them are more confident and less stressed than they were before coaching.

They are no different than you.

If they can have this, so can you. 

The Fearless Fundraising Strategy System Includes:

  • 3 Hours of Self-Guided Recorded Coaching and Strategic Planning with Mallory

  • One 90-min private breakthrough laser coaching session

  • The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System Roadmap

  • The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System Workbook 

  • Lifetime access to the Fearless Fundraising Strategic System Recording 


  • You if you need specialized guidance to re-think your fundraising plan, and wants to learn how to fundraise confidently and effectively RIGHT NOW!

  • You are coachable and open to taking direction

  • You are willing to invest time and resources into the right tools for success.

  • You understand that in order to reach next-level success in your fundraising, you need to be open to doing things differently.

Mallory Who?


Hey, I'm Mallory Erickson! The Fearless Fundraiser Group Coaching Program took me over 2 YEARS to put together… 


Here’s more about me and why I’m qualified to help you fundraise without the overwhelm and uncertainty!

  • 13 years in social impact sectors, serving as the Managing Director and Executive Director of multiple organizations

  • 13 years of experience fundraising, in recent years with multi-million dollars goals each year 

  • ​7 years helping organizations fundraise more effectively and strategically

  • iPEC Certified Coach, ELI Master Practitioner, and BJ Fogg Trained Behavior Change Expert

Once I became a coach, I recognized my own  limitations around fundraising. So, I started putting coaching tools and strategies into practice in my own work (the same tools that I’ll be teaching others in this exclusive coaching program). The results were tremendous. In 6 months, I 10x the amount of money I had brought in during the previous 12 months! 


Some fun facts: I am a new-ish mom of an amazing 1-year-old girl named Emmie. My husband and I live in Berkeley, CA and although we never thought we’d be spending 24/7 together (ha!), we are enjoying the extra time with our small family. During my free time, I read, practice yoga, hike in the redwoods, and binge watch netflix with a glass of red wine in hand!  I love to travel, meet new people, and (believe it or not) fundraise!

During COVID I have helped my clients

  • Design strategic fundraising strategies that use proven methods to maintain fundraising budgets through December 2021

  • Design communication plans the engage and inspire donors so that donors are reaching out to my client's to give!

  • Increase major donor giving by 67%

  • Increase corporate sponsorship fundraising by 40% moving from in-person to virtual (virtual offers so many more benefits to sponsors!)

  • Launch peer-to-peer campaigns that have 4x the organization's donor base

What are fundraisers saying about this training?

Ms. Mallory Erickson’s Training is absolutely very practical. All the pearls I picked, I am going to use in my day to day fundraising.


My apologies, I forgot to mention the most important part :—-


Ms. Erickson’s Training is also a very original idea. I have been attending Seminars, Workshops on Fundraising for more than twelve years, and Webinars for more than five years. Most of these serve as refresher course with the same ideas being recycled. Ms. Erickson’s Training for more than three hours is all through and through full of original new ideas.  Very useful training, both for beginners and for very advanced fundraisers.


Ash B. Varma M.D.​

Board Member

Mallory has such a way of breaking down the barriers of fundraising. By starting with understanding the energy you put into fundraising and identifying your style - you're able to lean into your strengths and identify your areas of growth. One of the best things I took away from her program is to "not make any assumptions". It's easy to build fear in your head about why someone wouldn't want to support your organization, but when you remove the assumptions, you see that it was an assumption that was keeping you from an opportunity. These tools will help you better understand your fundraising potential and help you take the necessary steps to starting being fearless!

Natalie Jakob

Executive Director

Using Mallory’s unique approach to thinking through your emotional state, your fundraising style, and your organization's assets and super powers gives you a whole new perspective on your fundraising efforts. During this bootcamp Mallory walks you through each step of the process to help you identify where you’re wasting your energy, but more importantly where you are missing out on opportunities for growth. This program made me think about my organization’s fundraising activities in a whole new perspective and I can’t wait to plan out the next 12+ months of fundraising activities and blow the current goals out of the water. 

Allison Quast

Development Director

Highly recommended!  The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System provided me with valuable strategic insights, tools and resources to help overcome my fundraising fears and build a solid plan to raise more money. Thank you Mallory for a great hands on and interactive session!

Wendy Rodgers

Development & Marketing Director

 Once Again, Here's a Summary of Everything You Get Inside The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System:

3 Hours of Self-Guided Coaching & Strategy Content!

Value: $999

Lifetime access to the Fearless Fundraising Strategic System!

Value: $659

The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System Workbook!

Value: $349

Free in-depth guide to securing donor meetings NOW!

Value: $237

90min Private Breakthrough Laser Coaching Session!

Value: $529

Email subject line guide for EOY campaigns and beyond!

Value: $149

Total: $2922

ONLY $497! (!!!) through October 2nd

This is ONE-TIME-ONLY offer.

I will never combine 1:1 support with the EOY Strategic System like this AGAIN!

What’s Stopping You?

Even if you have always hated fundraising and are convinced that this isn’t for you… 


Even if you don’t think it’s possible to fundraise successfully with everything going on around the pandemic and the urgent needs of so many… 


Even if asking for money creates a giant knot in your stomach and you are terrified that this training is going to make you do scary things… 


The Fearless Fundraising Strategic System can STILL help you. In fact, I've helped many others who were exactly like you to be able to fundraise successfully, without the overwhelm and uncertainty.


This is because I look at fundraising completely differently and support fundraisers with unique tools that you cannot find anywhere else. These tools work for ANYONE, no matter where you’re at in your fundraising journey, they will change how you fundraise, how you think about fundraising, and your relationship with money overall! 


So what are you waiting for?

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